Welcome to the Secretary of State’s Raffle Search Webpage.  You may use this search engine to look up nonprofit organizations conducting raffles and to see financial information filed with the Secretary of State’s Division of Public Charities.  Please note that all information provided is based on the most recent raffle registration and annual raffle financial report filed by the nonprofit organization with the Secretary of State.

For additional information on raffles, including filing requirements, please visit the Division of Public Charities Webpage.

For your convenience, the Suspended Raffles report may be downloaded in PDF format.
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Disclaimer: The South Carolina Secretary of State’s Raffles Search Webpage is provided as a service to customers to research nonprofit organizations conducting raffles that are on file with our office, or that have been the subject of an administrative action.   Users are advised that the Secretary of State, the State of South Carolina, or any agency, office, or employee of the State of South Carolina do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the information provided, as it is the responsibility of the nonprofit organization to inform the Secretary of State of any updated information.   Furthermore, the information provided does not constitute legal advice.