Welcome to the online Notary Public search page. With this page you can search for notaries public commissioned in the state of South Carolina.  You may use our online search or call the Notaries Division at (803) 734-2512 to see if a notary is commissioned in the state of South Carolina.

Information on the Notary Public database reflects the information most recently filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.  If your filing information has changed, you must file the appropriate form with our office to update the information.  The Secretary of State has no authority to update this information without the proper form and filing fee. We cannot accept change requests by email or phone.  To access our forms, please visit our Forms and Fees page.

For additional information on Notaries Public, please visit our Notaries and Apostilles page.

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You can search for a notary by first and/or last name. Partial names can also be used (e.g., Hende in lieu of Henderson). The county can be entered to reduce results as a maximum of a thousand results will be returned for each request. Please do not use other punctuation or middle initials as this may return an error.
Disclaimer: The South Carolina Secretary of State’s Notary Public database is provided as a convenience to our customers to research information on notary publics commissioned by our office. Updates are uploaded every 48 hours.  Users are advised that the Secretary of State, the State of South Carolina or any agency, officer or employee of the State of South Carolina does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information, as it is the responsibility of the notary public to inform the Secretary of State of any updated information.  While every effort is made to ensure the reliability of this information, portions may be incorrect or not current.  Any person or entity that relies on information obtained from this database does so at his own risk. Search results will reflect all current notaries and any notaries whose commission has expired within the last year.